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Fast and effective commercetools site search

Tweakwise’s commercetools site search feature is highly advanced. No manual or static ranking with simple AND OR rules; Tweakwise site search is way more advanced, less labour-intensive and powered by smart algorithms and proven AI technology. Don’t worry about rebuilding your search index, Tweakwise is always 100% in sync.

Dynamic smart filters

Commercetools provides filtering per category in its standard package where you can manually sort these filters. Tweakwise takes this concept a step further with dynamic smart filters. Using the Wisdom of the Crowd principle and optional Google Analytics data integration, the most popular filters get prioritized.

Intelligent sorting options

Take full control over the order of your products on lister pages. commercetools has abilities that allow for ordering on featured items, newest items, bestsellers, alphabetical, avg. customer review and price. In addition to this, you can also manually order your products. However, this can get too complicated with many SKUs. Tweakwise combines artificial intelligence and intuitive tools such as visual merchandising to give you the toolbox to create highly efficient lister pages. Applying a professional Merchandising strategy becomes easy with Tweakwise.

Unlimited merchandising possibilities

Tweakwise provides a shop-wide merchandising experience like never before in your commercetools webshop. This brings endless possibilities to increase your conversion; make use of smart filtering and sorting features such as visual merchandising, sorting rules, templates, dynamic filtering and more!

Always the right result

Tweakwise enables visitors to further specify their search results and apply an effective searchandising strategy. Of course we also take care of your zero-search results, and apply a lot of logic including synonyms and autocorrection features.

Higher conversion rates on category pages

Optimizing product placement can significantly impact customer buying behavior. In physical stores, high-demand products are placed at eye level. Similarly, online retailers should place popular or high-margin products in prominent positions on their website to increase visibility and encourage sales.


Integration methods

Get started with Divide yourself via any of our available methods, or do it with an integration partner!aGet started with commercetools yourself via any of our available methods, or do it with an integration partner!

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