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Tweakwise loves to gain and share knowledge about various themes in the world of e-commerce. Read about developments in the market, follow our Tweakwise Tuesday Talk in video or podcast, and get the latest Tweakwise news.

Tweakwise Performance Update

In this talk we will elaborate on the huge performance improvements we have made recently At the table are experts from our organization founder Stefan van Opstal and software architect

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Hyvä Performance Update

We update you on the latest and most important developments in Hyvä and technological aspects of e commerce in general At the table are Peter Jaap Blaakmeer of Elgentos and

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Composable Commerce

In this talk we ll discuss what Composable Commerce means why it s important for your e commerce business and how technology can help you set it up in the

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Tweakwise & Commercetools

In this edition discover why Tweakwise and commercetools go so well together At the table are experts Niels Hardeman of Dept Agency and Jasper Goertz of Commercetools We talk about

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Guided Selling

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk Guided Selling In this talk, Mark Veldkamp will tell you all about the ins and outs, and best practices of Guided Selling. With this useful, converision-boosting feature,

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Shopware and Tweakwise

Tweakwise is super compatible with a platform like Shopware Since recently the Tweakwise Product Sync extension can be found in the Shopware Store and you can get started with Tweakwise

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