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Real-time shopping assistance with Guided Selling

The assistance you can get in a physical store is an aspect of shopping that is still a challenge to recreate in online commerce. Tweakwise Guided Selling offers the solution: question and answer dialogs that results in filtered search results. Let your visitor immediately get to the right product.

Relevant e-commerce. Powered by AI, controlled by you.

Discover, inspire, convert!

Let visitors find the products that they need through intelligent, AI-powered site search, filtering, sorting, recommendations, and real-time assistance. With Tweakwise, you have all the tools to maximize your shop’s potential in a fraction of the time.

Discover the perfect product without knowing what you’re looking for

In a series of intuitive questions about the needs and demands of your visitor, a Guided Selling dialog helps them find out what they need and gives it to them. Set up your own dialogs that filter your product range automatically based on your visitor’s answers.

Easily apply your branding to Guided Selling

Fully customizable dialogs let you apply your corporate identity in the questions and answers. Add beautiful images for the answers and apply your fonts and colors. You can do all of this in the easy configuration tool.

Straight-forward implementation and management

Use JavaScript or our API to implement Guided Selling in your shop. Management in the app is easy to do, with self-explanatory options. You’ll have your first Guided Selling up and running in no-time. Fixed monthly fee, unlimited use.

Guided Selling with visuals

The Guided Selling journey is per definition a visual one. Make sure to continue that journey once a visitors gets their filtered results by showing visuals between the resulting product selection to complete the experience.

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