Guided Selling

offer your customers custom advice in your shop

Offering personal advice is at least as important in a webshop as it is in a physical store. Tweakwise offers the perfect solution with the Guided Selling module. Help your visitors along with a series of guiding questions in an intuitive decision aid. The result? A perfectly filtered selection of products containing the perfect product for your visitor.

Guided Selling can be purchased as an addition to any Tweakwise solution. For 325 euros per month you can add this strongly conversion-enhancing feature to your package.

Read more about why offering advice in the form of a decision aid is going to take your shop to a new level!

What is Guided Selling?

With the Guided Selling module, you ask a series of guiding questions for your visitors to answer. This series of questions is deliberately framed in a question and answer format to navigate visitors to the right product. Visitors end up seeing a filtered assortment.

The advantage of this is that they no longer have to search and they can make a decision faster. You also set all the details here, such as the questions and answers and underlying properties (values), as well as what happens after a certain answer, such as skipping a question.

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In short

A good decision aid:

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To successfully set up a guided selling module, it is important to think about where and why you need a decision aid:

Start by clearly defining the purpose and target audience.

It determines your entire question, tone and length.

Determine where Guided Selling can add value

Ask yourself what pages, product ranges or categories is it relevant to. For example, categories with products that have a lot of specifications. These are the categories where a customer can really use help because they have to think about many factors and make a choice. You might also want look at the filter reports in Tweakwise to see which filters are used a lot and in which categories. Don’t forget the homepage. Finally, also think about promotional pages, for example when a visitor is not buying something for themself but for someone else.

Devise simple questions from the customer’s use case. Think about this when asking the question, but also when completing the answers.
Visitors are not experts; everyone should be able to understand.

Example of how not to do it:

What kind of plant are you looking for?

A green plant
A flowering plant
A low maintenance plant

Example of how to do it:

Do you have any idea what kind of plant you'd like?

I will go for green in my home, so a green plant please!
I could use some color in my house, so a plant that blooms
I’m mainly looking for an easy plant, I don’t really have a green thumb

The result

After filling in the answers, a result will be generated based on the most suitable product. Here you can choose a so-called funnel (filtered page with the right product sorting) or a so-called ‘compare’, where you compare the different products with each other.

When is it relevant to use Guided Selling?

A Guided Selling module is relevant in places where customers wish to be helped.

This is particularly the case in:

  • With a large and heterogeneous assortment
    An electronics store with various TVs
  • When products have many (technical) features (values) 
    A car dealer with different cars, including accessories
  • When categories do not convert very well
    What size pedal bin liners are needed for a trash can?
  • When a product represents a high value to the visitor
    For one person an electric bike at $5,995, for another a recovery shake for after exercise at $8.99
  • When the visitor could use some creativity
    You love Indian dishes, but don’t know which dish you want to prepare
  • When the visitor wants a different entrance
    Visitors may not want to go through the search engine or category pages to find out what the best product is for them
  • When the visitor wants to be surprised
    You want to go on vacation to the sun, but are fed up with going to southern Europe every year
  • When the visitor wants to surprise someone else
    Can’t think of a good gift for a friend’s birthday

Quick integration

Another advantage to Guided Selling is that integration, as well as setup and research, will not take much time and energy. No extensive technical knowledge is required and all functionalities work out-of-the-box. Make use of the extensive configuration options in the Tweakwise management environment.

Tweakwise Guided Selling can be implemented in two ways, namely via our REST API or via Javascript:



Manage your own styling

Standard Tweakwise styling

No restraints for styling

Limited styling possibilities

Intensive integration

Quick integration

Compare or Funnel


Omni-channel solution

Besides using a decision aid in your online shop, it can also help in physical shops. Webshops with physical stores can use the decision aid to support staff during busy days or when the most accessible help for a visitor is a decision aid. Also in securing knowledge, it is an ideal tool for both colleagues and visitors.


When to A/B test:

When not to A/B test:

Qualitative testing:

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