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Maximize sales by ensuring visitors effortlessly discover, engage with, and convert through your content. Tweakwise offers AI-powered tools for a seamless and personalized shopping journey.

Relevant e-commerce. Powered by AI, controlled by you.

Discover, inspire, convert!

Let visitors find the products that they need through intelligent, AI-powered site search, filtering, sorting, recommendations, and real-time assistance. With Tweakwise, you have all the tools to maximize your shop’s potential in a fraction of the time.

Site search

Make your site search feature as relevant as possible with your own custom search algorithm, smart suggestions and error correction.


Lister pages are by far the most important part of a webshop. Over 60 percent of visitors use them to find specific products, so ensure that the relevance there is off the charts.


Create more relevance in your shop by showing effective upsell and cross-sell recommendations on the most important pages like the homepage and checkout page. This will lead to up to 80% more add-to-carts, that’s a big impact on turnover!

Guided Selling

The assistance you can get in a physical store is an aspect of shopping that is still a challenge to recreate in online commerce. Tweakwise Guided Selling offers the solution: question and answer dialogs that results in filtered search results. Let your visitor immediately get to the right product.

What Tweakwise does for your shop


Increase conversion through relevance

Being relevant to each and every visitor should be your top priority! Tailor your shop’s search, filtering, sorting, and recommendations to each visitor to make them more likely to convert.

Raise order values

Using Tweakwise to optimize all aspects of your shop increases the number of products being placed in shopping carts, and thus the amount in of turnover being placed in orders. It’s hardly any effort for you as well.

Save precious time

Using Tweakwise cuts your maintenance time by at least 60% on the regular. That means extra hours for you to set the right strategy for your webshop’s merchandising and search, and work on optimization.

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