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Our e-commerce add-on for all platforms gives you full control over your site search, merchandising, and recommendations and lets you offer your visitors a personalized shopping experience. Increase your relevance, customer satisfaction and above all: raise your conversion by +15%!
Why Tweakwise

Personalized site search, merchandising, and recommendations software for every platform

9.4 / 10
customer satisfaction
Over 15%
conversion increase
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All-in-one e-commerce suite

Every shop needs an all-in-one e-commerce suite instead of a multitude of tools. Tweakwise offers a comprehensive and complete suite to level up your webshop and make your shop the market leader but without the unnecessary overhead costs. Our solutions are effective in every market including fashion, living, food, wholesale, DIY, electronics and any other market.
Our solutions are the answer to the most important expertises in e-commerce. The growth path we’ve set out for you is proven to be successful in improving on those aspects of your shop. Take your shop to a higher level with our four successive and modular growth stages.
Our solution for

Site Search

Our lightning fast and smart search engine provides the best and most relevant results for your visitors. The search feature automatically corrects spelling mistakes and lets you set up synonyms and redirects yourself. Offer category-based and product-based suggestions, automatically complete search queries and much more.

Our solution for


Show the right products on your category pages and watch your conversion soar! With Tweakwise, you get all the tools to manage the optimal order and filtering of your products. Use parameters such as margin, sales, stock, conversion rates, and CTR to build multidimensional formulas. Compile your own filter templates with checkboxes and sliders and guide your customers through the purchase process with Guided Selling.

Our solution for


Recommendations account for ten to thirty percent of the turnover of web shops! Well-executed recommendations entice your customers to buy more at higher order values. In addition to highlighting products on the homepage, category pages, landing pages and in the shopping cart, you manage up- and cross-selling at product detail level in Tweakwise.

Our solution for


Offering your visitors a tailor-made shopping experience is the new frontier of e-commerce optimization. Customers are used to personalized feeds, so why not offer them exactly that when they go shopping? Use their data such as previously bought, last viewed and any other metric you can think of to make their shopping experience one to remember. Our e-commerce personalization features integrate with all other solutions, creating a conversion-boosting synergy.

Curious about Tweakwise?

Get in contact Request a demo Calculate your revenue Request a quote

Curious about Tweakwise?

Get in contact Request a demo Calculate your revenue Request a quote

Contact us to get a demo, quote, or calculation of your shop’s potential.
Let’s level up your shop together!

Why we do what we do

Our Purpose

“Tweakwise is a solution built for growth, by a company that believes in growing together. In the past couple of years, we saw the need arise to solve complexities in e-commerce with a user-friendly tool. We put our best developers on it and created Tweakwise: a self-learning system that keeps shop managers in charge and allows for overruling.”

What customers say about us

What's in it for you

Power up your shop with our four solutions

Tweakwise offers a complete suite of intelligent, AI-powered solutions for your shop. Using any of our 88 features significantly powers up your shop. Your shop managers can always tweak and improve the automatic processes to promote selling in your online shop and increase your turnover by at least 15 percent and increase your shop’s NPS. Tweakwise is a ready-to-use solution that puts business users in control.

Use the comparator to see which of our four solutions is the right one for you to start with. Regardless of your choice, Tweakwise will significantly raise your conversion, NPS and turnover.

Super fast site search

Tweakwise Site Search offers your customers instant and accurate results. Level up the smart search feature with autocomplete and suggestions to stand out from the crowd.

Smart sorting rules and filters

Our smart merchandising system allows you to incorporate business rules into your sorting and filtering as well as create a seamless online shopping experience.

Interesting recommendations

Offer your customers upsell and cross-sell recommendations to entice them to buy more products, increasing your average order value and NPS.

Personalized shopping experience

Make smart use of the best of machine learning and wisdom-of-the-crowd principles. Use your customers’ data to offer them a personalized and immersive shopping experience.

compatible with your platform

Tweakwise is an add-on for all platforms
and programming languages

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

In this talk, we will elaborate on the huge performance improvements we have made recently! At the table are experts from our organization, founder Stefan van Opstal, and software architect Remco Selles.

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