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The site search solution that converts

Make your site search feature as relevant as possible with your own custom search algorithm, smart suggestions and error correction.

Relevant e-commerce. Powered by AI, controlled by you.

Discover, inspire, convert!

Let visitors find the products that they need through intelligent, AI-powered site search, filtering, sorting, recommendations, and real-time assistance. With Tweakwise, you have all the tools to maximize your shop’s potential in a fraction of the time.

Powered up and data-driven search

Search with the power from all your data, and deliver the perfect results. Use them in a smart way to increase relevance and reduce your workload. Easily connect with Google Analytics and a lot of different data sources.

You’re at the wheel of a search engine

Customize the search algorithms for speed, relevance and full control over your site search, and you won’t need any development time to do it. Integrate business rules in your site search and adjust them for profit!

Intelligent search results page

A search result page is shown with applied filters such as color or brand automatically. The smart filters sort themselves and their options, so that your visitors are guaranteed to find their product and convert.

Smart and engaging suggestions in the search box

The search journey starts with the search box. Start inspiring and guiding your visitors to the right product there! Show intelligent suggestions based on personal or mass user data, or even categories and specific products.

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