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e-commerce personalization

In a world where everyone is used to a personalized experience, offer the same experience in your webshop and make a difference.

Relevant e-commerce. Powered by AI, controlled by you.

Discover, inspire, convert!

Let visitors find the products that they need through intelligent, AI-powered site search, filtering, sorting, recommendations, and real-time assistance. With Tweakwise, you have all the tools to maximize your shop’s potential in a fraction of the time.

Uncover your shops potential

There are a lot of possibilities hidden within your visitors’ data to upgrade your productivity and relevance. Using this data to offer an immersive shopping experience not only give your visitors a nice experience, you can profit from this as average order values and conversion rates rise.

In-session AI hyper- personalization

When your visitors keeps lingering on that one pair of jeans, or they keep returning for that specific brand of peanut butter, it must mean something to them! Build a profile of their preferences in real-time to stimulate them to buy more or again.

Every shopping journey is unique

Whether a visitor follows a straight-forward or a winding path to their final purchase, your personalization settings will customize their experience. Make your shop intuitive and relevant on all aspects and power up your conversion.

You stay in control of personalization

While a portion of Tweakwise personalization is black-box, you remain at the wheel of the settings. Determine which metrics should be used, where, and how often. The business user stays in control of managing algorithms and personalization profiles.

Download our whitepaper

This guide will explain the importance of personalization and provide practical ways to seamlessly integrate it into your website. Check this checklist to see what you can do to improve your shop!

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