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About Tweakwise

Tweakwise is the most comprehensive suite for personalized site search, merchandising, and recommendations in e-commerce. Over 300 e-commerce clients have already increased their conversion by over 15% with Tweakwise. Our innovative suite of SaaS solutions gives you full control over all aspects of your webshop. Get a demo to see how it works!

The sky is the limit

Our mission

e-man the sky is the limit

Shaping the e-commerce landscape one shop at a time. Optimizing the search, filtering, sorting, and recommendations and allowing for powerful personalization of all the aspects is Tweakwise’s mission.

Tweakwise is a solution built for growth, by a company that believes in growing together. In the past couple of years, we saw the need arise to solve complexities in e-commerce with a user-friendly tool. A self-learning system that keeps shop managers in charge and allows for overruling.

e-man the sky is the limit
scientists tweakwise
Our heroes

The Tweakwise Specialists

scientists tweakwise

Our specialists all work together to create the best solutions for you to reach your goals for conversion, turnover and customer satisfaction. Our machinery works day and night in the background to make your shop excel and stand out from the crowd. Your shop managers and other day-to-day operational staff can always access our user-friendly software without the need for development effort.

The e-commerce manager

The E-man

The E-man represents you as e-commerce managers, merchandisers and other shop specialists. Set up your Tweakwise configuration and then watch it work its magic from your comfy chair. Our smart reporting tools allow you to keep a close eye on all the processes and tweak your setup when needed.You’re in full control of our extensive algorithms, but you will have the time and space to focus on what is really important: the strategy behind all the processes of your shop. We will support you in creating the most efficient setup. Let’s level up your shop together!
Tweakwise control room