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Visual Components

Show off the fantastic images and content you have of the products you want to sell in the place where they’re seen the most: your lister pages.

Relevant e-commerce. Powered by AI, controlled by you.

Discover, inspire, convert!

Let visitors find the products that they need through intelligent, AI-powered site search, filtering, sorting, recommendations, and real-time assistance. With Tweakwise, you have all the tools to maximize your shop’s potential in a fraction of the time.

Combine commerce and content

E-commerce has surpassed the age of just displaying dry galleries filled with endless products. Show off attractive content in between products to give visitors an engaging experience and inspire them to convert.

Your brand, your identity, your look

The key to success in a saturated e-commerce market is to let content speak for your product range. Present what you got in store in charming components on your lister pages.

Lister page is your most important tool

Use Builder to turn your lister page into an ever-changing experience, filled with smart and attractive cards that improve your visitors’ shopping experience. Setting it up is super easy and will only take a minute!

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