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Empower your category page with state of the art merchandising

Lister pages are by far the most important part of a webshop. Over 60 percent of visitors use them to find specific products, so ensure that the relevance there is off the charts.

Build your perfect lister page.

The Builder gives you powerful tools to tweak your lister pages in all sorts of ways. Fill your sorting options with dynamic components that let you pin a separate sorting order to a fixed position, based on properties such as Sale or New.

Pin specific products to push them.

Use visual merchandising to pin products to honor supplier agreements or push products that need to be sold first. Don’t overdo it though, the success of your lister pages depends on dynamic sorting.

Balance your own sorting formulas for profit.

Use a complex mixture of product data, so you always offer a perfectly balanced and relevant sorting order. This lets you focus on stocked products and products with a good margin to easily boost your turnover.

Use smart filters for a dynamic shopping experience.

Superpower your filters so that the filters and their values sort and display according to the wisdom of the crowd. Often-used filters in a category will move to the top automatically. Same goes for the values within them.

Hyper-personalize your lister page.

Use data from your visitors to display tailor-made recommendations in every visit to your webshop. Show them based on Last viewed or Previously purchased products, or other data that we know will increase conversion!

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