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There are three easy ways to implement Tweakwise; Quick and easy via Javascript with instant site search and merchandising, via REST API, offering the most immersive and advanced integration. Or make use of our dedicated platform-specific extensions and apps to quickly get up and running with Tweakwise.

JS integration

The fastest way to get Tweakwise running on your platform is via Javascript integration. You can have lightning-fast site search and intelligent sorting and filtering live in your shop in just a few days. The Javascript integration is quick and easy.

Available on the Standard and Medium levels

Time-to-market: 3 days

+15% conversion increase

Instant search


REST API integration

Our powerful REST API integration works as the engine of your shop and unleashes its full potential. Using the API will give your shop orderly URLs and a general increase in NPS and decrease in returns. It even works with your brand-new PWA!

Available for all Tweakwise levels

Time-to-market: 10 to 30 days

+15% conversion increase

Full integration


Rest API Implementation
Other implementations


Plug & play: use our extension for Magento 2, Shopware and other platforms to quickly get started. It even works with your brand-new PWA! Tweakwise is platform independent and will work with any platform.

Available for all Tweakwise levels

Time-to-market: within 14 days

+15% conversion increase

Quick and easy integration


Extension available for:

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