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Tweakwise Integration Partner Gold
As digital agencies you always want the best for your customers. That is exactly what Tweakwise offers: the best site search, merchandising, recommendations and personalization tool.
Why Tweakwise?

We are your partner for succes. We offer a best of breed site search, merchandising, recommendations and personalization tool which boost your clients conversion rate.

Tweakwise Integration Partner Gold

The benefits of Tweakwise

Our e-commerce add-on for all platforms levels up site search, merchandising, and recommendations and offers visitors a personalized shopping experience. Increase relevance, customer satisfaction and above all: raise conversion by +15%!

Quick and easy integration. We just need a product feed, for example via Channable.

No manual or static ranking with simple AND OR rules; Tweakwise site search is way more advanced, less labour-intensive and powered by smart algorithms and proven AI technology.

Smart filtering: filters will change automatically with the search query! Not to mention our autocomplete, autocorrection, merchandising formulas and conjugation optimizations!

Don’t worry about rebuilding your search index, Tweakwise is always 100% in sync.

Tweakwise provides more in-depth insights, and also helps you with redirects and improving result-less search results.

We provide a full demo shop to check and test your search results and merchandising.

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It’s about you. We are always there for you and want the best for you and your customers. Your partner manager is your permanent point of contact and answers all your questions, acts as a technical sparring partner and helps with onboarding new customers. Everything to help you and your customers get started quickly and to contribute to your growth and success.
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Tweakwise is an add-on for all platforms

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.

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