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Strong conversion growth - Tweakwise and Hyvä (Magento) is a winning team for Haibu

Our customers are in many different markets and use a diverse selection of platforms and other software. One of our customers in the wholesale segment is hairdressing wholesaler Haibu (formerly Haibu implemented Tweakwise together with our integration partner Elgentos in their Hyvä shop, with great success! In this case study, hear from the experts at these three companies about how they work together and why the combination is so effective.

Faico Migchelbrink

IT Project Manager Haibu

What was the reason for you to start working with Hyvä?

With our dynamics, we were missing some possibilities in terms of optimization of Magento’s standard (Luma) template, so we decided to take the gamble with Hyvä. We found a partner, Elgentos, who had already done several projects. We were mainly looking for a smoother mobile experience. In addition, this integration was a good time to refresh the look and feel.

"After we switched to Tweakwise + Hyvä, conversion on search increased by almost 40% over current rates. We honestly did not expect this increase. We are also seeing a healthy increase in site search usage."

What was the reason for you to start working with Tweakwise?

We wanted an easily manageable solution for our autocomplete, search, sorting, and filtering. In addition, speed and usability were also important elements.

Conversion and performance are two key KPIs when it comes to tools like Hyvä and Tweakwise. What results are you seeing? Can you back this up with numbers? Like page speed, web vitals, conversion, etc?

Our performance has improved considerably since the launch of our Hyvä template. We now also pass the Core Web Vitals, although we want to optimize further, especially for mobile next year.
We went live in July 2022, so if you compare June and August, you see an increase from 70.8% to 82.1% of people with good page speed. That’s an increase of 17%. The number of users experiencing a “Poor” time has been cut in half. About our conversion rate, we are certainly satisfied. However, we also realize this depends on many factors, not just speed.
After we switched to Tweakwise + Hyvä, the conversion rate on search increased by almost 40% compared to the current rates. We honestly did not expect this increase. We also see a healthy increase in the use of site search. We see that the use of site search has also increased significantly.

And what about when you break down the conversion by conversion on search and overall conversion?

The conversion on search in the webshop is obviously higher than the general conversion. This is only logical, since people are already looking for something in a specific way. In addition, we notice that we are very good at capturing the search needs of customers with our inspiration through our blogs, but also the assortment, wide choice and good alternatives.

How much time does it take you to set up and maintain Tweakwise?

Each week we spend about a half-day on Tweakwise.

How did the integration process go with your web builder and onboarding team?

Fine. Elgentos connected directly with Tweakwise, and from that the Hyvä extension for Magento was born. Despite this new extension, the integration went pretty smoothly.

How do you experience the daily use of Tweakwise?

Pleasant. Once you understand the structure, you can make adjustments and fine-tune in-depth fairly easily.

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Tweakwise E-man
Peter-Jaap Blaakmeer

CTO – Elgentos

For your front-end team, what was the main reason for using Hyvä more, what appeals to you about the Hyvä theme?

Hyvä has a lot of advantages, but there are 3 that stand out for us.

First of all, the speed of Hyvä out of the box is already very good, especially compared to Luma. Second, the developer experience is very good. Clear and neat code and a logical folder structure make working with Hyvä very pleasant for a developer. Finally, it is also a big advantage that much less complex Javascript is used.

How was the integration with Tweakwise?

The integration with Tweakwise was very smooth and easy. Once the Tweakwise extension was made compatible with Hyvä, installing and using Tweakwise was very easy. However, we were missing a few basic functionalities such as a ‘clear all’ button, which we built ourselves.

By now you have developed quite a few projects with Hyvä, what have you noticed in that and how did you like it?

We really like working with Hyvä. What we especially like is how quickly you can set up the basis. Further development and adding features is also fast. What we also noticed is that the speed of the website is easy to maintain.

How clean is the Tweakwise integration when it comes to sizes and load times?

Very clean. The Tweakwise extension is not very large so the effect on load times is nil.

Do you have examples of webvitals from Tweakwise and Hyvä users?

Look here for an example.

What about headless and Hyvä?

We made the choice within Elgentos not to build headless shops. The headless solutions currently on the market are built on Javascript frameworks, which in our view introduces too much complexity. The build is more complex, takes longer and the promise of headless solutions that they are faster is also not true when you compare it to a non-headless solution like Hyvä.

What would you advise fellow developers when they want to improve their front-end elaboration in terms of performance in combination with Tweakwise? Do you have any particular tips and tricks?

The standard Tweakwise extension, as I said earlier, is comparatively very small and compact, so we have no tips and tricks for developers. Working with the extension speaks for itself.

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Tweakwise E-man
Sanne Bolkenstein

Commercial director – Hyva

Hyvä is growing fast, can you tell a little more about your developments?

We are indeed fast becoming the No. 1 front-end solution for Magento 2. We are working hard to achieve this by convincing more and more agencies and customers of the power of Hyvä. We are now working with 350 agencies in 48 different countries, and the number of Hyvä customers grows monthly. In addition to this growth of the Hyvä theme, we are also busy developing additional products, such as our Hyvä checkout that was released in beta in November.

Are there any developments to be expected? For example, integration with other e-commerce platforms outside Magento?

We are currently focusing on expanding and improving our product portfolio for Magento customers. For example, in addition to the Hyvä checkout, we are developing a Hyvä UI library to make developing beautiful Hyvä frontends even easier, and, together with our partners, on making the Hyvä theme fully compatible with Adobe Commerce.

"Since Tweakwise is well embedded in the Magento community, this extension was very important to us. So we get positive feedback from the community that we prioritized this extension, among others."

The Hyvä - Tweakwise standard integration has been available for a while now. How are community members reacting to this?

Compatibility with the most common extensions was our first priority when we launched the Hyvä theme, as this ensures that an increasingly large group of customers can easily switch to Hyvä. Since Tweakwise is well embedded in the Magento community, this extension was very important to us. So we get positive feedback from the community that we prioritized this extension, among others. Thanks to the combination Hyvä – Tweakwise, customers can benefit from a super fast frontend with optimal search functionality!

We see more and more prominent E-commerce players making the choice for Hyvä, what does it tell you that a prominent name like Haibu is making the choice for Hyvä?

As Hyvä, we are very proud to notice that more and more big names, such as Haibu, are also choosing us. This proves that we are on the right track and gives other customers the confidence to switch to us as well. That Haibu’s results after the switch are so overwhelming is, of course, the biggest compliment we can receive!

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