Tweakwise empowers your Sana Commerce shop! - Tweakwise

Tweakwise empowers your Sana Commerce shop!

Tweakwise works perfectly with your Sana Commerce shop. This powerful B2B platform is the standard for many beautiful webshops around the world. Integration of Tweakwise in your Sana Commerce shop is within reach and quickly arranged!

The benefits of Tweakwise x Sana Commerce

A Sana Commerce shop is already very powerful and efficient, but it can always be improved! Tweakwise’s features are not included in a standard Sana Commerce shop, but are easy to add. Make use of these features, and watch your conversion increase significantly.
Tweakwise’s site search feature features smart recommendations for products, categories, and content. In addition to the extensive functionality in the search bar, the smart search algorithm always finds exactly the right products.
The positions of your products determine what your customers buy first. It’s been a profession in offline stores for decades, so start using it online as well. Full control over your sorting, filtering, and everything around it.

Curious about what Tweakwise can do for you?


Do you want to start using Tweakwise and take your Sana Commerce shop to a higher level? Amazing! In this overview you can see which level is the best option for your shop. All prices are per month.


Start simple with the instant search module. Integrated in a few days!
€ 395




Level Standard
Determine the sorting, filtering, product order and positions of products throughout your webshop and boost that conversion!
€ 995


About the partnership

Our partnership with Sana opens up a whole new world for us, Sana, and Sana Commerce users. We visited Sana to explain the partnership, watch the video below to learn more. Want to read up some more? Read the full news article.
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Curious about Tweakwise?
Curious how Tweakwise can increase your webshop conversion by 15%? Contact us for a free demo.
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