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Elektramat optimizes conversion and order value with Tweakwise Recommendations

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Elektramat has been a leading online electrical wholesaler in the Netherlands and Belgium for many years. As a supplier of a wide range of electrotechnical products, Elektramat targets both B2B and B2C visitors. In a highly competitive industry, where visitors are often looking for specific technical products, Elektramat has a strong focus with Tweakwise on providing an optimal user experience and increasing conversion and order value.

To accomplish this, Elektramat chose the e-commerce platform Adobe Commerce. In 2017, they decided to say goodbye to their self-developed CMS to get more options through Adobe Commerce. Together with agency and Tweakwise partner Adwise, they made the choice for Adobe Commerce.

"Since 2019, we have been using Tweakwise to optimize search and filter functionalities. In addition, recommendations are optimized via Tweakwise. The integration of Tweakwise yielded significant results."

Integration of Tweakwise

Joran Wermer, Commercial Director at Elektramat, says: ”Since 2019, we have been using Tweakwise to optimize search and filter functionalities. The integration of Tweakwise yielded significant results. The conversion rate increased significantly, with an impressive 32.8% growth in just one year. The use of Tweakwise’s Recommendations features played an important role in this, as we show our customers the most relevant products.”

Elektramat sees substantial growth in various conversion metrics
since using Tweakwise

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Increase your conversion by +15%

Ready to see the power of Tweakwise?

Tweakwise allows Elektramat to display customized recommendations that closely match the needs and interests of their visitors. They set various parameters, such as product type, popularity and other relevant criteria. This allows them to recommend the right products to the right visitors at the right time. Tweakwise also offers different recommendation types that allow Elektramat to increase order value and encourage visitors to buy more products:

  • cross-selling: recommending an installation pipe and other accessories with a group box
  • up-selling: recommend higher quality wiring with a certain type of wire
  • highlighted products: popular products, or specially selected for a customer

At Elektramat, they use the Recommendations features on a daily basis, and this ensures that their processes are smooth and their results consistent. Joran emphasizes: ”Tweakwise is very effective in providing a better user experience, optimizing conversion and increasing order value. Thanks to the combination of the advanced e-commerce platform Adobe Commerce and Tweakwise’s powerful Recommendations features, we can offer our visitors a personalized and relevant shopping experience. This results not only in higher conversion and order value, but also in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Continuous optimization

Elektramat continues to experiment with different parameters and recommendation types to further increase effectiveness. Through A/B testing and thorough data analysis, they gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior and the impact of Tweakwise on their conversion and order value.

Thanks to the e-commerce platform Adobe Commerce and Tweakwise’s Recommendations features, Elektramat has achieved significant success. They have greatly increased their conversion rate, increased average order value and created a better shopping experience for their customers. By providing their customers with personalized and relevant recommendations, Elektramat has been able to stand out in a competitive industry and strengthen their growth and success.

New Tweakwise features

With new features such as Personal Recommendations, Tweakwise is a lasting dynamic solution for all the needs of online shops. The smart recommendations provide a highly relevant shopping experience and are guaranteed to increase conversion. Curious about Personal Recommendations? Read this support article and contact us to start using the feature.

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