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Fixami: international growth with focus on scalability

Growth can come from length or width. In e-commerce, you grow by increasing your footprint, expanding your product range or improving your conversion rates. Fixami, also known here as, knows this like no other.

Corona boosted e-commerce, enabling Fixami to grow even faster. The company is one of the fastest growing webshops in the Netherlands. “We are rapidly scaling up and working on a new web environment in which selection and personalization play an increasingly important role,” says Bram Bos, CTO at Fixami. “It’s a cool challenge that you never really finish; you can always improve. A good advisor and sparring partner in this complex matter that takes the pressure off our organization is worth a lot.”
Tools for both the handyman and professional are increasingly purchased online. Fixami is a candy store for both target groups. In order to guide customers quickly and properly through the product range, you have to understand what displaying and informing means. And what the challenges and pitfalls are in international growth in e-commerce.

Flexible and scalable​

Fixami offers more than 100 thousand products in a webshop that is available in multiple languages. This complexity, combined with strong growth ambitions and a focus on conversion, requires thinking about scalability and flexibility. This is where technology often comes in.

The company chooses to work with partners who add expertise. For conversion optimization, that’s software company Tweakwise, which takes over and optimizes onsite search functionality and navigation. “Smart SaaS solutions allow customers to grow flexibly and scale up. Such a choice is technically smart and effective, but also efficient from a cost perspective,” says Mark Veldkamp of Tweakwise.
“International growth in e-commerce presents challenges,” says Bos. “Challenges that revolve around scalability, innovation and flexibility.” Bos has always been in the world of e-commerce. Entrepreneurship at the intersection of business and technology greatly intrigues him. “We’ve grown tremendously in a few years. What started in an attic room selling second-hand tools has grown into a company worth millions.”
By now, Fixami is active not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria. Without physical stores, without human intervention. “In addition to our physical showroom, we also have a digital showroom in which we attract online. We do that from the knowledge that it has to be done the right way, right away.”

“Smart SaaS solutions allow customers to grow flexibly and scale up. Such a choice is technically smart and effective, but also efficient from a cost perspective.”

Bram Bos, CTO at Fixami

Tweakwise, Personalized site search, merchandising and recommendations software for every platform

Conversion is the key word

In order to increase its European footprint, Fixami is opting for product expansion, further optimization of performance marketing and the addition of more sales channels via, among other things, its own webshops in new countries or connecting to new marketplaces. “Conversion applies to all of this as the key word for success,” says Bos. “Regardless of the channel you choose: the right content is crucial.”
Communication must exude trust and expertise from the very first glance, he continues. “Striking the right chord with the customer. Good information, including about the price, increases the likelihood that potential customers will click through to our site. On that site, they then find all the relevant content about the product they are interested in.”
According to Bos, content is not only about price and quality, but also about specifications in areas such as safety, product weight and power. Manuals and handy tips for use are also available there. “It leads to both the do-it-yourselfer and the experienced professional during the visit to the web store in a few clicks to stumble upon that information that is relevant.”
So many products and even more information, tailored to the individual customer. “It is exactly in this aspect, product information management, where our greatest challenge lies: how do you organize that process properly and as efficiently as possible? On this scale it’s all about tooling, optimal filtering. Tweakwise helps us with this with technology aimed at conversion optimization and personalization.” 

International ambitions

The subject matter is complex and technical developments in this area are so rapid that Fixami asked itself whether it should develop and maintain it in-house. “The answer was no. We believe that our partner is better at it, through continuous focus and a concrete roadmap of improvements. It takes worries out of our hands and leads to our own development teams being able to respond more quickly to developments in the market with which we can create distinctiveness.”
For management of product information, Fixami uses a PIM system, (Product Information Management). “Indispensable when you have international growth ambitions,” says Bos. “The system forms the data pool in which we can store relevant information about products for all countries and target groups. The system of personalization makes the product range scalable because the correct specifications are immediately available to the customer via filter options. Relevant filter options that can differ per country and possibly even per customer in the near future.”
And the recently added paint category? “For those products, too, the system will soon provide our customers with all the relevant data. So whatever they want to know. About application, gloss level, outdoor durability, the right surface and the scrub resistance class of the paint. We can share that content with our customers through all the channels where we sell.”

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