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Tweakwise for your B2B web shop

In this blog we want to focus on what Tweakwise has to offer to tackle the B2B conversion challenges your shop stumbles upon.

We have identified six B2B specific challenges which Tweakwise can help to overcome to ultimately optimize your Product Discovery and hence conversion rates. These six challenges are;

  1. a large product catalogue
  2. multiple stores and languages
  3. a personalized experience
  4. complex products
  5. merging data from multiple channels
  6. improving data quality.

1. Large product catalogue

B2B shops often have a very large product catalogue with many unique SKU’s. This makes it a big challenge for B2B shops to create a web shop through which every client with different wants and needs can find its unique products that it wants to buy. Tweakwise has features in its suite that makes it that all your SKU’s are found relatively easily.
One of the problems a web shop will stumble upon is the filtering. Filtering is a good way to let clients narrow down their search, but it can become counterproductive if there are too many filters included or even filters that are not needed for the specific category the client searches through. With a combination of smart filters and dynamic filtering Tweakwise makes filters ultra-productive. With smart filters Tweakwise automatically only shows relevant filters that are needed for the current selection, category, or search. Dynamic filtering then sorts your filters based on usage popularity of clients.
With a large product catalogue not only filtering is a focus point, also the positioning of your products on the product listing page is something that increases in complexity with more SKU’s. Tweakwise combines artificial intelligence and intuitive tools such as visual merchandising to give you the toolbox to create, even with high SKU’s, highly efficient product listing pages.

2. Multiple stores and languages

As a B2B webshop you may have a multi-language and/or multi-branding strategy, and if you have you are probably familiar with the added complexity this brings behind the scenes. Add your many SKU’s and this may bring significant integration and go-to-market challenges.
Tweakwise makes this complexity manageable by allowing to add multi values to a product, in order to let your webshop know to only show your product to a specific domain name, category, or even customer. This saves a lot of time and brings order to the communication between your backend and frontend.
A nice extra is that Tweakwise only charges you once for all your brands and languages in a single contract, where other options charge you per brand and/or language.

3. Personalized experience

B2B relationships are most often personal. It is difficult to translate this personalized experience to a web shop. For example, a client doesn’t need to see all products that you have to offer and only wants to see a select product range.
Tweakwise makes it possible to bring this level of personalization to your web shop. It makes product listing pages personal where you can choose to prioritize earlier bought products of the client over other products, it makes personal recommendations based on past purchasing and site navigation behavior, and allows customer-specific product ranges. Next to this Tweakwise does it’s job behind the log in, which makes that we already know a lot about the client as we can use client-specific information.
Tweakwise Impact on conversion funnel
Despite being used by only 10-20% of visitors,
the impact on turnover of optimizing onsite search is enormous.
Buying intensions are much higher compared to visitors
browsing the catalog. Conversion rates can be up to 5x higher,
often impacting up to 40%-50% of turnover.
Intelligent merchandising of catalog listerpages has
the highest impact on boosting your turnover, on average
80%-90% of your visitors will use these pages in
their shopping journey
Optimized product recommendations will help increase
turnover and ordervalues by highlighting relevant
products and related products.
Personalizing the other 3 elements based on real-time
profiling will increase relevance and give an extra
boost to turnover.

Within B2B, search is often used by at least 50% of visitors! This has a huge impact on search quality and conversions from on-site search.

4. Complex products

Product configuration in B2B shops can become increasingly complex due to the specified nature of the products and the variants of a product. There are multiple ways where Tweakwise helps to decrease the perceived complexity during the buying process of the client. Adaptive search is one of them, where the search bar learns from the B2B buyers’ behavior and displays products based on past behavior on the web shop. Guided selling is another feature which helps the buyer to find its way through the endless variants of products. The Guided Selling module lets you ask a series of questions that your visitors can answer to get to a filtered product range.

5. Merging data from multiple channels

Tweakwise lets you merge data from multiple channels. This allows you to automatically import data from your ERP system, Google Analytics, DMP or CDP platform. You will then be able to base your product listing page on your stock, or personalize your web shop based on 3rd party data from your CDP or DMP platform.

6. Improving data quality

Many SKU’s, different pricing, different variants of a product and data from multiple channels make it that the complexity of a B2B web shop is huge. We already talked about the effect of product complexity on the end client, but this complexity also has an effect on your data complexity. Ideally your data feed is completely clean and contains only properties that are good enough to be used in filtering, sorting, and search.

But with high data complexity this is likely not to be the case. A feed could contain ten different shades of blue, for example — light blue, navy blue, ocean blue, etc. You’re going to want to turn those into just one value for your clients, and that’s blue. Our derived properties feature allows you to just do this, where you can choose between seven user-friendly derived properties.

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B2B sales channels more and more need to match the seamless, easy and informative standard of B2C digital platforms. With the large and complex product catalogues, that characterize B2B web shops, this is going to be a challenge on its own.

Tweakwise helps with this transition and makes the search and merchandising in your B2B web shop optimally fine-tuned for better client experience, better findability of your products and less development time. It is important to bring focus to a part of your website where in B2B 50-70 percent of your clients spend their time, your search bar. Make your personal client relationships digital with the help of Tweakwise and start focusing on your searchandising.

Ronald Meeuwissen

Ronald Meewissen

Ronald is one of Tweakwise’s business development managers. He oversees partnerships with e-commerce platforms and watches the market and trends. His many years of experience in e-commerce make him a valuable expert in the field.

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