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Builder: perfect product listings

Offer a dynamic and tailor-made user experience on your product lister pages with Tweakwise’s Builder feature.

Powerful configuration tool

Turn your lister page into an ever-changing experience, filled with sorting options that increase your turnover and improve your visitors’ shopping experience. Setting it up is super easy and will only take a minute!

Dynamic sorting on your PLP

The Builder lets you populate your lister pages with not just simple sorting (Alphabetically, Price low-high, etc.) but with dynamic components. For example: put a new product on every second position and a Last Viewed product on every fifth position.

The right components for your shop

Choose the perfect package of Builder components for your shop:
Besteller, Popular, Sale, New
Merchant Push
Merchant-specific components to drive your margins and turnover
Wisdom of the Crowd
Use big data to power your listings
Immersive shopping journeys with in-session user data

Unlock the Power of Tweakwise.

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Quick to implement with JS or API
Dedicated success manager ready to help you
Save so much time on webshop maintenance

Give your shop a boost with Tweakwise!

Easily integrate with a powerful script or seamlessly connect with every platform

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.