Google Analytics - Tweakwise

Google Analytics integration

  • Optimize your shop’s filtering and sorting with real-time data
  • Place high performing products on prominent positions
  • Make your decisions based on data

Data-driven product insights

Google Analytics has a lot of important data that can help you understand how customers are using your site. When you combine these insights with Tweakwise, your product feed gets a boost with info on page views, conversion rates, and other key stats. 

Strategic product placement

Make your product pages stand out by using Google Analytics data to decide where to place your products. By featuring the best-performing products more prominently based on metrics like page views, you can keep your online store relevant and interesting. Customizing product placement like this is essential for keeping your store dynamic and appealing.

Optimized sorting and merchandising

Use performance metrics to rethink how you sort and display products. Tweakwise can help you organize products based on their performance data from Google Analytics, making sure that the top-selling items get the spotlight they deserve.

Level up your shop

When you connect Google Analytics with Tweakwise, you can level up your online store with super helpful insights that are crucial for success in today’s data-driven market. This combo lets you boost your e-commerce platform by tapping into the detailed analytics from Google Analytics and the awesome optimization features of Tweakwise.

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