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Press release:

Partnership with Rule to empower email marketing

Dutch company Tweakwise, the market leader in on-site search and product recommendations, has formed a partnership with Swedish company Rule, a prominent provider of digital marketing and communication solutions, with the goal of helping e-commerce businesses create world-class personalized customer journeys.

“We are excited to announce the partnership between Tweakwise and Rule. Thanks to this collaboration, Tweakwise customers can now benefit from personalized product recommendations in emails, ensuring an ideal product discovery experience. This means that the customer journey no longer ends in the online store but continues through email. With this partnership, our customers can fully leverage the advantages of both solutions” says Gerwin Souman, Partner Manager at Tweakwise.

Tweakwise analyzes each customer journey to make it as relevant as possible. Based on this data, Tweakwise AI can create personalized recommendations for each individual in the e-commerce environment. Through Rule, these same personalized recommendations can now be directly integrated into the email system to create targeted communications for customers.

Both Tweakwise and Rule view the partnership very positively and look forward to jointly achieving a new level of personalized customer journeys, both in e-commerce and off-site.

“We are always looking for partnerships that benefit our mutual customers. The collaboration with Tweakwise opens up the opportunity for our customers to send personalized communications that increase engagement and conversion. We are really looking forward to seeing what opportunities we can create together for our customers” says Philip Simon, Head of Customer Success at Rule.

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