The Impact of Tweakwise on XXL Nutrition - Tweakwise

The Impact
of Tweakwise
on XXL Nutrition

In this video, Jordy Holthuijsen, E-commerce Manager for 6 years at XXL Nutrition, shares their growth as a leader in sports supplements in the Netherlands and Belgium. They are expanding into Germany and Denmark. Tweakwise solved search problems after switching to Magento, increasing conversion from 7% to 8-9%. They are now personalizing the site and focusing on language-specific expansion to other countries. Germany is already active, with Denmark to be added soon. Tweakwise continues to be a valuable partner for conversion optimization. 🚀

What Tweakwise does for your shop


Increase conversion through relevance

Being relevant to each and every visitor should be your top priority! Tailor your shop’s search, filtering, sorting, and recommendations to each visitor to make them more likely to convert.

Raise order values

Using Tweakwise to optimize all aspects of your shop increases the number of products being placed in shopping carts, and thus the amount in of turnover being placed in orders. It’s hardly any effort for you as well.

Save precious time

Using Tweakwise cuts your maintenance time by at least 60% on the regular. That means extra hours for you to set the right strategy for your webshop’s merchandising and search, and work on optimization.