Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

How to be more successful in B2B e-commerce

In this talk we’ll discuss B2B challenges in ecommerce and how Tweakwise can help; concrete challenges and examples on how to deal with these flexibly. We will also elaborate on our joint vision on B2B commerce and challenges of the future.

At the table are experts in the field of B2B e-commerce: integration partners De Nieuwe Zaak and Acorel and top B2B shops Maiburg and Kruitbosch. Watch live to discover the secret of a successful strategy.

The experts in this talk:

mark kilsdonk



Ronald Meeuwissen


robert kruitbosch


maarten maiburg


Mark Veldkamp


Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk is a monthly webinar from Tweakwise on the last Tuesday of the month about, you guessed it, everything Tweakwise. We share knowledge and best practices and give experts in e-commerce a stage to discuss their expertise.
At the Tweakwise Tuesday Talks, your questions will also be addressed. Be there live and ask the experts your question!
Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

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