Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

BigCommerce on steroids with Tweakwise

In this Tweakwise Tuesday Talk you’ll discover all the ins and outs of the BigCommerce platform and how easy the integration is with Tweakwise. On the basis of appealing examples we will show you how Tweakwise can give your BigCommerce shop a boost.

Join Philip van Dalen and Jeroen van Meel of BigCommerce, Jurrien Kerstholt of implementation partner De Nieuwe Zaak, Redmer de Vries of implementation partner Thesio, Jan-Willem Harmsen of, Kenneth Freichmann of Bata industrial and Mark Veldkamp of Tweakwise as they discuss Tweakwise and BigCommerce.

Get answers to questions like What general benefits does BigCommerce offer to users? Why does a B2B shop like Bata choose BigCommerce? How does Tweakwise ensure a better shopping experience at

The speakers

Tweakwise Philip van Dalen Bigcommerce

van Dalen

Tweakwise Jeroen van Meel BigCommerce

van Meel

Tweakwise Jurrien Kerstholt DNZ


Tweakwise Redmer de Vries Thesio

de Vries

Tweakwise Jan Willem

Jan-Willem Harmsen

Tweakwise Kenneth Freichamnn

Kenneth Freichmann


Ronald Meeuwissen Business Development Manager / Partner Platforms Tweakwise

Ronald Meeuwissen

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk is a series of monthly webinars from Tweakwise’s own Downtime studio. It takes place every last Tuesday of the month, and it’s all about Tweakwise.

We share knowledge, insights and best practices and give experts in e-commerce a stage to discuss their expertise. In the Tweakwise Tuesday Talks, your questions can be answered, too. Be there and ask your questions in the live chat.

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk
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