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Wasco uses Tweakwise to lead in the B2B market

Wasco offers top service in the B2B market with Tweakwise’s powerful conversion optimization features. With over 50 years of experience, Wasco is a well-known wholesaler in the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of products in the field of heating, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation, and parts. Wasco also helps contractors through the energy transition with sustainable installations.

With the user-friendly webshop, contractors and professionals have easy access to more than 500,000 products. By 2022, Wasco has achieved a turnover of 171 million euros through their webshop and mobile app, into which Tweakwise is integrated.

“Throughout our partnership, we have constantly challenged each other to improve and innovate, and that has been a great experience. The constant focus on improvement and innovation has helped Wasco take the shopping experience to the next level and strengthen its competitive advantage.”
Jos Rust, E-commerce Manager

The process of choosing

In 2017, Wasco faced the challenge that the search engine on its website no longer met requirements. To find a suitable solution, Wasco thoroughly researched four different parties. Wasco chose Tweakwise’s comprehensive suite. Several factors contributed to this decision:

  • The extensive support of a dedicated Customer Success team in the Netherlands.
    This is of great importance to Wasco, as they were looking for a partner who could assist them with local expertise and a personal approach.
  • The innovative and proven technology.
    In the Benelux there are now more than 1000 shops using Tweakwise’s solutions, and those shops realize an average conversion growth of more than 15% as a result.
  • Tweakwise’s transparent roadmap.
    Wasco wanted assurance that they could rely on a partner that continually invests in the development of their products and functionalities, and Tweakwise was able to provide this.
  • Tweakwise does not require a technical back office.
    This meant that the management of the search engine and its control came into the hands of the business itself, allowing Wasco to operate more flexibly and rely less on technical support.
  • The personal contact with Tweakwise’s people.
    Especially in the preliminary process a lot of trust was built up, which played an important role in making the final choice.
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The (B2B) challenges

Short lines of communication are a recurring and important desire for Wasco. Tweakwise’s functionalities are now fully integrated into the Wasco app and partly into the website.
Jos Rust, e-commerce manager at Wasco, explains: ”Wasco was one of Tweakwise’s first B2B customers in 2017. At that time, the Tweakwise platform lacked certain features needed for B2B, but they wanted to invest in developing generic solutions for this. They put a lot of energy into that. Openness and honesty were and remain important in the collaboration. Tweakwise has invested in the tool, so it is not an hourly bill principle.”

B2B search

Visitors to the Wasco site often exhibit specific search behaviors. These search patterns may include, for example, a combination of product type, brand and dimensions in the search query. Tweakwise is able to anticipate these and display the appropriate results to users.

In addition, Tweakwise also has functionalities that address specific challenges, such as corrections for special characters and promotional items and handling supplier item numbers supplied in different ways. This keeps search functionality consistent and reliable regardless of how visitors interact with it.
In addition, Tweakwise uses data from Google Analytics, such as sales, conversions and page views, to improve the relevance of search results. This allows Wasco to better understand their customers’ behavior and further optimize their search experience.

The search functionality is flexible enough to follow the customer even if they search or filter in unusual ways. This allows Wasco to offer their visitors a personalized and relevant shopping experience. Tweakwise has advanced filtering capabilities, making the filtering of products much more relevant. The smart filters allow customers to quickly and easily find the products they want, even if they want to apply complex criteria.

Growing together

Since 2017, Wasco has experienced tremendous changes. Online sales have increased from 47 million to over 171 million, which is more than 3.5 times higher! Tweakwise was already a leading player in B2C, but has now become a prominent player in B2B product discovery as well. Some examples of innovations that have been instrumental for Wasco include the addition of B2B search algorithms, smart filtering, content search, improvements in data quality, optimizations in data synchronization and performance updates.
Online revenue is now 3.5 times greater than when the partnership began, with Tweakwise playing a key role. In the first quarter of 2023, as much as 69% of online revenue comes through site search, with conversion from search results even 3 times higher than through list price pages.

Jos elaborates: ”Throughout our collaboration, we have constantly challenged each other to improve and innovate, and that has been a great experience. We have set up several Proof of Concepts (POCs) together, always focusing on realism and practicality, that way we have challenged each other and developed ourselves together.”

After six years of collaboration, there is still room for growth, as the Tweakwise platform still offers interesting features that Wasco is currently not fully utilizing. The constant focus on improvement and innovation has helped Wasco take the shopping experience to the next level and strengthen its competitive advantage. Wasco continues to work closely with Tweakwise to explore and exploit new opportunities, and looks forward to what the future holds.

The added value

The use of site search has risen sharply and now represents 37% of all sessions. At Wasco, the business is now in control of optimization, where previously that was in the hands of development. Moreover, Tweakwise offers not only products, but also knowledge, consultancy and proactive advice. These benefits have helped Wasco improve their online performance and better serve their customers.

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