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Success Sessions

The Tweakwise Customer Day will feature Success Sessions from 13:40-14:15. Choose from one of these three sessions, indicate your preference using the form at the bottom of this page and increase your success!

Search- & Merchandising Training

By Colin Leurink from Tweakwise
Colin Leurink, Onboarding Specialist at Tweakwise, guides you through effective search and merchandising strategies. During the training, Tweakwise’s advanced technologies will be explored and you’ll learn how to easily improve the search experience for visitors to your webshop.

The value of Tweakwise in a new platform

By Teun de Kort van Petrol, with Ralf Westenberg from Tweakwise
Do you have a fairly new platform and are you curious what Tweakwise can do for you? Discover the value for new platforms with Teun de Kort of Petrol. Ralf Westenberg, Customer Success Manager at Tweakwise, moderates the session on strategic collaborations and integrations that take your platform to a new level and guarantee success.

The Impact of Personalization and Data Optimization

By Vincent de Wit of Maxilia, with Donny de Paauw of Tweakwise
Vincent de Wit, Business Controller at Maxilia, discusses how personalization and data optimization are at the core of your e-commerce strategy. Using real-life examples and led by Donny de Paauw, Customer Success Manager at Tweakwise, we analyze how you can use data to improve user experience.

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