Are you ready to start using Tweakwise and take your webshop to a higher level? Amazing! This overview shows you the growth stages we use to divide our solutions into levels. Start with the low-hanging fruit on the Standard Site Search level, or raise the stakes with Premium Personalization.
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Site Search

Our lightning fast and smart search engine provides the best and most relevant results for your visitors. The search feature automatically corrects spelling mistakes and lets you set up synonyms and redirects yourself. Offer category-based and product-based suggestions, automatically complete search queries and much more.

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Show the right products on your category pages and watch your conversion soar! With Tweakwise, you get all the tools to manage the optimal order and filtering of your products. Use parameters such as margin, sales, stock, conversion rates, and CTR to build multidimensional formulas. Compile your own filter templates with checkboxes and sliders and guide your customers through the purchase process with Guided Selling.

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Recommendations account for ten to thirty percent of the turnover of web shops! Well-executed recommendations entice your customers to buy more at higher order values. In addition to highlighting products on the homepage, category pages, landing pages and in the shopping cart, you manage up- and cross-selling at product detail level in Tweakwise.

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Offering your visitors a tailor-made shopping experience is the new frontier of e-commerce optimization. Customers are used to personalized feeds, so why not offer them exactly that when they go shopping? Use their data such as previously bought, last viewed and any other metric you can think of to make their shopping experience one to remember. Our e-commerce personalization features integrate with all other solutions, creating a conversion-boosting synergy.

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