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Tweakwise + Shopware

Tweakwise + Shopware
Shopware 6 is extremely flexible and easy to link to underlying backend systems. A scalable platform with low total cost of ownership. This modern solutions with a user-friendly interface is suitable for both B2C and B2B webshops. And now, you can easily optimize it using Tweakwise merchandising possibilities. Achieve up to 15% higher conversion!

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Tweakwise + Shopware

The benefits of
Tweakwise + Shopware

Quick and easy Shopware 6 integration via the official Shopware Store. We just need your product feed, for example via Channable.

No manual or static ranking with simple AND OR rules; Tweakwise site search is way more advanced, less labour-intensive and powered by smart algorithms and proven AI technology.

Smart filtering: filters will change automatically with the search query! Not to mention our autocomplete, autocorrection, merchandising formulas and conjugation optimizations!

Don’t worry about rebuilding your search index, Tweakwise is always 100% in sync.

Tweakwise provides more in-depth insights, and also helps you with redirects and improving result-less search results.

We provide a full demo shop to check and test your search results and merchandising.

Ready to see the power of Tweakwise?

Talk to sales for a demo.

Shopware on steroids with Tweakwise!


We are multi-store, multi-currency and multi-language capable. We search categories, manufacturers and all product attributes.

Huge impact on your conversion

Shopware 6 does not provide any merchandising enhancements on the lister/category pages. This is where Tweakwise will make huge impact and boost your conversion!

Level up your shop

Our recommendations and personalization features will further enrich Shopware 6, taking your shop to a whole new level! A personal relevant shop for every user!

Our Shopware integration partners

You can implement Tweakwise in a few different ways, you decide which method is the best fit for your shop.

Shopware Tweakwise

Optimize your Shopware shop with our extension!

Our features give your shop huge advantages over the standard features in Shopware, including advanced ranking rules, autocomplete and autocorrect and much more. Tweakwise is always in sync and easy to manage.

Our Shopware clients

These successful Shopware shops run Tweakwise to increase their conversion with over 15%. Join them!

Give your shop a boost with Tweakwise!

Easily integrate with a powerful script or seamlessly connect with every platform

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.
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