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Search and product discovery for Shopware

  • Easy integration with Tweakwise Shopware extension
  • Complete solution for search, filtering, sorting and more
  • Improve merchandising on all category pages of your shop

Fast and effective Shopware site search

Tweakwise’s Shopware site search feature is highly advanced. No manual or static ranking with simple AND OR rules; Tweakwise site search is way more advanced, less labour-intensive and powered by smart algorithms and proven AI technology. Don’t worry about rebuilding your search index, Tweakwise is always 100% in sync.

Smart filtering possibilities

Your online store’s product placement affects customer decisions. Mimic physical stores by controlling sorting, filtering, and dynamic feeds to personalize the shopping experience, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction. Use product data from your generated feed or even external data sources.

Higher conversion rates on category pages

Optimizing product placement can significantly impact customer buying behavior. In physical stores, high-demand products are placed at eye level. Similarly, online retailers should place popular or high-margin products in prominent positions on their website to increase visibility and encourage sales.

Unlimited merchandising possibilities

Shopware 6 provides no merchandising enhancements on the lister/category pages. This is where Tweakwise will make a huge impact and boost your conversion! With Tweakwise’s Shopware Merchandising, you can do it on all pages. Set up sorting rules, fully powered up by all your available data and let visitors sort how they want, and how you want them to.

Eyes on the data

Tweakwise provides more in-depth insights, and also helps you with redirects and improving result-less search results. We provide a full demo shop to check and test your search results and merchandising. Combined with advanced reporting tools, you will be fully informed about your shop’s performance.


We are multi-store, multi-currency and multi-language capable. We search categories, manufacturers and all product attributes.

Optimize your Shopware shop with our extension!

Our features give your shop huge advantages over the standard features in Shopware, including advanced ranking rules, autocomplete and autocorrect and much more. Tweakwise is always in sync and easy to manage.

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