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Optimize your Shopify store with Tweakwise—an integration designed for peak performance and boosted sales. Improve your e-commerce effortlessly with our seamless synergy.

Take your webshop to the highest possible level!

A top-notch online store ensures visitors effortlessly find their desired products. Make your product discovery outshine competitors! Our robust features guarantee a user-friendly experience for both visitors and employees.

Guaranteed conversion increase
Increased use of search
More add-to-carts
Time savings for your employees
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The benefits of Tweakwise x Shopify

While a Shopify shop is already robust, there’s always room for improvement! Tweakwise’s features aren’t part of the standard Shopify package, but they’re a breeze to add. Incorporate these features, and witness a substantial boost in your conversions.

Tweakwise’s site search feature features smart recommendations for products, categories, and content. In addition to the extensive functionality in the search bar, the smart search algorithm always finds exactly the right products.

The positions of your products determine what your customers buy first. Optimizing them has been a profession in offline stores for decades, so do it online as well.

The positions of your products determine what your customers buy first. It’s been an art in offline stores for decades, so get to work! Take full control of your sorting, filtering and dynamic shopping feeds.

Shopify’s search bar has features that are only available in English. Tweakwise is multilingual and maximizes performance in each supported language.

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Easy feed integration with Mulwi

In the Shopify app store, you can find the Mulwi Shopping Feeds app. This app can generate a Tweakwise-compatible feed. Together with a Javascript frontend integration, you are up and running in a few hours.

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Why Tweakwise?

Tweakwise is the most complete suite for personalized site search, merchandising and recommendations! Over 200 e-commerce organizations have already increased their conversion by over 15% with Tweakwise. Our innovative suite of SaaS solutions give you full control over all aspects of your webshop.
9.4 / 10 customer satisfaction
Over 15% conversion increase
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Increase your conversion by +15%
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Curious how Tweakwise can increase your webshop conversion by 15%? Contact us for a free demo.
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Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.