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Search and product discovery for Sana Commerce

  • Tweakwise is Sana’s preferred supplier for search and merchandising
  • Complete solution for search, filtering, sorting and more
  • Dedicated Customer success manager to help you get started

Preferred supplier for Sana Commerce

Tweakwise was named Sana Commerce preferred supplier for search and merchandising. Just set up your Tweakwise account with either Sana or a Tweakwise, and get started. Importing your products and exporting the countless optimizations you can do in Tweakwise is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Super fast and effective search

Tweakwise’s Sana Commerce site search feature features intelligent recommendations for products, categories, and content. In addition to the extensive functionality in the search bar, the smart search algorithm always finds exactly the right products. Automatically complete search queries and guide visitors to right products or content.

Filtering that makes a difference

Offering visitors the right tools to filter your extensive product range is one of the most effective ways to increase your shop’s conversion. Use the various properties you import into Tweakwise as the basis for intuitive, useful filters for users to find the right products in an easy way.

Efficient sorting methods for you and your visitors

The positions of your products determine what your customers buy first. Merchandising’s been a profession in offline stores for decades, so it’s time to get into it online. Tweakwise offers the most extensive tool for setting up effective sorting methods. Weigh properties to get a dynamic and balanced mix of products, and prioritize external data. Get complete control over your sorting, filtering, and everything around it!


Do you want to start using Tweakwise and take your Sana Commerce shop to a higher level? Amazing! In this overview you can see which level is the best option for your shop. All prices are per month.


Start simple with the instant search module. Integrated in a few days!
€ 395




Level Standard
Determine the sorting, filtering, product order and positions of products throughout your webshop and boost that conversion!
€ 995


About the partnership

Our partnership with Sana opens up a whole new world for us, Sana, and Sana Commerce users. We visited Sana to explain the partnership, watch the video below to learn more. Want to read up some more? Read the full news article.
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