Tweakwise + Magento

Tweakwise works with your Magento shop
Tweakwise works with your Magento shop! For this popular e-commerce platform, we developed our own extension that lets you easily connect your shop to Tweakwise. You can be up-and-running with Tweakwise in just 3 days with Javascript.

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Tweakwise works with your Magento shop

The benefits of
Tweakwise + Magento

Quick implementation with our extension; you can be up and running in just 3 days!

Use our specialized (SaaS) tooling to be future proof: maximize impact and minimize time to market.

Generate new SEO landing pages at the click of a button.

Quickly implement an amazing site search feature which raises site search conversion by over 18% on average!

Endless flexibility and optimizations on the Magento category page with our Merchandising features.

Optimize your Magento store yourself with our Tweakwise backend app, no developers needed!

Ready to see the power of Tweakwise?

Talk to sales for a demo.

Magento on steroids with Tweakwise!

Relevant recommendations throughout your shop

Easily provide up and cross-sells that work and are super relevant!

Personalize your shelf layouts to offer an immersive experience

Maximize your conversion with our Personal Recommendations! We also Integrate with most modern Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).

Replacement for all your separate tooling, such as Amasty

We replace Amasty’s Search & Navigation extensions and take it to the next level!

Use our handy extension for quick integration and feed generation

Lots of support and development documentation available.

Additional effective features for your shop

Commerce and rich content are king these days, so include Content Search to let your visitors also explore all your inspirational content. Additionally, you can easily manage shops in various languages at the same time with Tweakwise.

Human and artificial intelligence combined

We believe in intelligent suites (Site Search, Merchandising, Recommendations and Personalization) with less overhead. Release the power of AI, but stay in control with our endless Business Rules overrides.

Our Magento implementation partners

You can implement Tweakwise in a few different ways, you decide which method is the best fit for your shop.

Tweakwise Magento Extension

Running a Hyvä theme?

Hyvä themes is a brand-new frontend for Magento with the best DevExperience, Performance and Time to Market. It lets you build a Magento 2 shop quicker and with a lower budget. 
Our satisfied clients

Customers running a Magento shop

Many of our customers are Magento users. Our extensive experience with this platform puts your shop at an advantage. Use our extension to quickly link up your shop, and become a satisfied customer, just like these clients.

Linsey Knol - Content Specialist

”Tweakwise is very user-friendly and accessible. It offers useful tools for the sorting of your products and creating and overview of your website’s search feature. Thanks to the extensive support pages and the useful e-learning for beginners, any questions you may have are answered quickly.”

Jos Pieters - CTO & E-Commerce manager

”I like Tweakwise’s convenience, further development, support and expertise. Great partner to work together with.”


”The platform is easy to use and help documentation is easy to find. The support team is always available for questions.”

Joris van der Bol

”Functionality and availability are very good in relation to the price. Support is readily available. It’s little effort for us to familiarize new colleagues with the possibilities of Tweakwise, so it’s set up quite intuitively, which lets someone with only basic understanding get up to speed quickly.”

Nico Vastenavondt - Online Content Manager

”Many possibilities and options to tweak however you want. Outstanding and helpful contacts, very solution-oriented.”

Anouk Baltus - Marketing Employee

”A lot of technical possibilities! When it gets to technical for us, you are right there for us with support.”

Daniël Meijnen

”Thanks to the user-friendly and clear interface, it’s very easy to apply your own filters and merchandising to create a pleasant environment for customers.”

Our Magento clients

Over 60% of our clients run a Magento shop. We have a convenient extension just for Magento that easily lets you manage your shop’s connection to Tweakwise. Here are some of our clients running a Magento shop. Join them!

compatible with your platform

Tweakwise is an add-on for all platforms
and programming languages

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.

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