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Tweakwise works with your Magento shop!

Tweakwise works with your Magento shop! Use our extension to connect Tweakwise to your Magento shop and quickly start optimizing.

The advantages of Tweakwise + Magento

A Magento shop is already very powerful and efficient, but imagine if it were even better! These features are not in a standard Magento shop, but Tweakwise can give you the right tools. Take advantage of these features, and watch your conversion rate increase significantly.
Tweakwise’s site search feature features intelligent recommendations for products, categories, and content. In addition to the extensive functionality in the search bar, the smart search algorithm always finds exactly the right products.
The positions of your products determine what your customers buy first. It’s been a profession in offline stores for decades, so it’s time to get into it online. Get complete control over your sorting, filtering, and everything around it.
By showing your visitors relevant recommendations, you get them to add alternative or additional products to their basket. Use all kinds of innovative features to increase your average order values and, thus, your turnover.
With Tweakwise, you can use dynamic and personal features to create a personalized shopping experience. Use data from your visitors and Google Analytics to show, for example, Last Viewed and Previously Bought in your product grid.
Help your visitors make decisions just like in physical stores. You set up intuitive dialogues in no time, resulting in a filtered product selection for your visitor. Guaranteed conversion!
The Magento extension we specially developed makes implementing and using Tweakwise in your shop easy, user-friendly, and efficient. Within a few days, you’ll have Tweakwise up and running, and you can start optimizing your conversion rates!

Wondering what Tweakwise can do for you?

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Want to grow your shop with tens of percent?

Some of our Magento customers

More than 50% of our customers have a Magento shop. We’ve created a handy extension for Magento that allows you to connect your shop easily with Tweakwise. Here’s some of our customers with a Magento shop. Join them!

Our Magento integration partners

Thanks to our handy extension, you can put Tweakwise into your Magento shop, but with an integration partner, it’s easiest for you. See a list of certified Magento integration partners here.

Integration methods

Besides our extension, with which you link Tweakwise to your shop in no time, you can also choose a manual integration via Javascript or API. Here’s all the info you need.

Using a Hyvä theme?

Hyvä is a brand new Magento frontend with the best DevExperience, Performance, and Time to Market. It allows you to create a Magento 2 shop faster and easier with a smaller budget.

Why Tweakwise?

Tweakwise is the most complete suite for personalized site search, merchandising and recommendations! Over 200 e-commerce organizations have already increased their conversion by over 15% with Tweakwise. Our innovative suite of SaaS solutions give you full control over all aspects of your webshop.
9.4 / 10 customer satisfaction
Over 15% conversion increase
Go live in 3 days
Increase your conversion by +15%

Ready to see the power of Tweakwise?

Talks about Magento

During our monthly Tweakwise Tuesday Talk, Magento often comes up for discussion, which is not surprising since it’s the most popular e-commerce platform on the market. Want to get in-depth about Magento, Hyvä, and Tweakwise? Then check out one of these talks.
Tweakwise Tuesday Talk
We update you on the latest and most important developments in Hyvä and technological aspects of e-commerce in general. At the table are Peter Jaap Blaakmeer of Elgentos and Erwin Hofman of RUMvision!
Tweakwise Tuesday Talk
In this edition: updates around Magento and Adobe. Where do we stand in 2023, with all the developments in the product? What about Magento Open-Source, the Tweakwise extensions for Magento? Tips for conversion in your Magento landscape, and, finally, how does Magento compare to a composable e-commerce solution?
Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

In this Tweakwise Tuesday Talk, Willem Wigman from Hyvä, Peter Jaap Blakmeer from integration partner Elgentos and Ronald Meeuwissen from Tweakwise discuss how Tweakwise and Hyvä go hand in hand to offer the best e-commerce experience.

Curious about Tweakwise?
Curious how Tweakwise can increase your webshop conversion by 15%? Contact us for a free demo.
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Give your shop a boost with Tweakwise!

Easily integrate with a powerful script or seamlessly connect with every platform

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.
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