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Search and product discovery for Magento

  • Connect directly with Magento extension, or via API
  • Complete solution for search, filtering, sorting and more
  • Dedicated customer success manager to get you up and running

Standardized integration with your shop

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform, and know it! We’ve developed a standardized integration between Magento and Teakwise to make it very easy for you to start optimizing. Just install the plugin, set up your Tweakwise account and get going. Importing your products and exporting the countless optimizations you can do in Tweakwise is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Super fast and effective search

Tweakwise’s Magento site search feature features intelligent recommendations for products, categories, and content. In addition to the extensive functionality in the search bar, the smart search algorithm always finds exactly the right products. Automatically complete search queries and guide visitors to right products or content.

Filtering that makes a difference

Offering visitors the right tools to filter your extensive product range is one of the most effective ways to increase your shop’s conversion. 

Efficient sorting methods for you and your visitors

The positions of your products determine what your customers buy first. Merchandising’s been a profession in offline stores for decades, so it’s time to get into it online. Tweakwise offers the most extensive tool for setting up effective sorting methods. Weigh properties to get a dynamic and balanced mix of products, and prioritize external data. Get complete control over your sorting, filtering, and everything around it!

Using a Hyvä theme?

Hyvä is a brand new Magento frontend with the best DevExperience, Performance, and Time to Market. It allows you to create a Magento 2 shop faster and easier with a smaller budget.

Our Magento integration partners

Thanks to our handy extension, you can put Tweakwise into your Magento shop, but with an integration partner, it’s easiest for you. See a list of certified Magento integration partners here.

Integration methods

Besides our extension, with which you link Tweakwise to your shop in no time, you can also choose a manual integration via Javascript or API. Here’s all the info you need.

Some of our Magento customers

More than 50% of our customers have a Magento shop. We’ve created a handy extension for Magento that allows you to connect your shop easily with Tweakwise. Here’s some of our customers with a Magento shop. Join them!

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Not using Tweakwise yet?

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