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  • Unlimited filter usage
  • Complete solution for search, filtering, sorting and more
  • Improve merchandising on all category pages of your shop
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No limits on filters

Upgrade your filters! Where Lightspeed provides a limited number of custom filters, Tweakwise comes with unlimited filters and integration of filters in the search engine. Filters are also dynamically ranked; based on the Wisdom of the Crowd principle, the most used filters by visitors get prioritize

Smart and fast searching

Lightspeed’s out-of-the-box search bar is quite basic and doesn’t search for categories or tags for instance. The algorithm that Tweakwise Site Search uses is much more advanced with an exact match algorithm, category match algorithm, number recognition, autocorrection, fuzzy search and more.

Advanced search possibilities

Besides the algorithms, many of our other features make Tweakwise a must have for your Lightspeed search bar. Take instant search, where results are shown to the visitor right from the moment they start typing. Create synonyms for popular search words and suggest new synonyms based on visitors’ search behavior. Additional features such as business and merchandising rules, dynamic redirects, smart filters and multilingual support make your Lightspeed webshop conversion skyrocket!

Unlimited merchandising possibilities

For the first time, you can create a shop-wide merchandising experience in your Lightspeed shop. Choose which filters and sorting options you want to use in each category for the ultimate user experience. Filtering features include visual merchandising, sorting rules, smart filtering and templates.

Eyes on the data

Lightspeed doesn’t provide an option to analyze the search behavior of your visitors. With Tweakwise, you are able to analyze the search behavior of your visitors, both in Tweakwise and with an implemented parameter in Google Analytics.

Upgrade your lister page

Upgrade your product lister page. With Lightspeed, you have the options to order your products either manually or on Most Viewed, Newest Products, Price, or Name (A-Z). Tweakwise combines artificial intelligence and intuitive tools such as visual merchandising to give you the toolbox to create highly efficient product listing pages, even with many SKUs

Using Channable and Lightspeed?

We now offer a super fast way to get your products, categories, and properties in Tweakwise. You only need to follow a few easy steps. Submit your feed URLs to Tweakwise so that they can be merged and imported into the Tweakwise app. And you’re done!

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