Our customers win at the 2021 Shopping Awards - Tweakwise
Shopping Awards 2021

Our customers are the big winners at the 2021 Shopping Awards

Tweakwise works! At the Shopping Awards 2021, our customers won awards in many different categories. Home goods store fonQ is overall winner! They also became category winner in Living. The Cameras category is dominated by both our customers CameraNU.nl and Kamera Express.

Onze klanten zijn grote winnaars op de Shopping Awards 2021 - Tweakwise

Saniweb, Kleertjes.com, Annadiva, Sunglasses, Greetz and Hans Anders are also the best in their categories. TOM and JohnBeerens get silver and bronze. Great news!

Our technology for personalized site search, merchandising and recommendations is driving conversion increases of over 15 percent, higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns for our customers! The proof:

Home & Living

1. fonQ
2. HUUS.nl
3. Goossens

Bathroom & Kitchen

1. Saniweb
2. Cookinglife.nl

Electronics and Telecom - Cameras

1. CameraNU.nl
2. Kamera Express

Fashion powered by Dexport - Baby and children's fashion

1. Kleertjes.com
2. Bugaboo
3. Tumble ’N Dry


1. Annadiva
2. Thelingerist.com
3. Toffesokken.nl

Fashion accessories

1. Zonnebrillen.com
2. MYoMY

Personal care powered by Paypal - Fashion accessories

1. Parfumerie Douglas
2. ParfumWebshop.nl
3. JohnBeerens.com

Toys & Gifts powered by ippies.nl - Gifts

1. Greetz
2. YourSurprise
3. Hallmark

Opticians en Audicians - Opticians

1. Hans Anders
2. 123 Lens
3. Eye Wish Opticiens


1. Wehkamp
2. TOM

Shopping Awards Craft prizes - Logistiek Award powered by DHL

1. Blokker
2. Kleertjes.com
3. testalize.me

Marketplace Seller Award powered by bol.com

1. MaxiMondo.com
2. TOM B.V.
3. Mies to Go
4. DGM Outlet

See the full list on the Shopping Awards site.

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