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Search and product discovery for Intershop

  • Unlimited filter usage
  • Complete solution for search, filtering, sorting and more
  • Improve merchandising on all category pages of your shop
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Advanced search possibilities

Intershop provides a default Solr-based product and content search that comes with many Solr features. Tweakwise Site Search adds features like algorithms, business and merchandising rules, dynamic redirects, and search banners. You can also manage your filtering on your instant search results.

API connections possible

An extensive selection of APIs helps you connect easily to partners and suppliers, including the Tweakwise API. Easily exchange the default Solr Search Adapter for the Tweakwise REST API. Integrating Tweakwise in your Intershop store is easy and will take no more than a few weeks of integration.

Smart recommendations

On a more advanced level, we can also feature recommendations throughout the shop. Show the newest, most popular, or trending products in various places through your shop to entice customers to buy even more. Using recommendations in a smart way will significantly boost your average order value and turnover, as well as create a more interactive shopping experience. Unleash the power of Tweakwise as your preferred Recommendation Data Feed.

Unlimited merchandising possibilities

Apart from search, Tweakwise enables a full range of shop-wide merchandising features to Intershop. They integrate seamlessly on all lister pages in your shop. Choose which filters and sorting options you want to offer in each category for the ultimate user experience. Including features like visual merchandising, sorting rules, and templates.

Eyes on the data

Intershop doesn’t provide an option to analyze the search behavior of your visitors. With Tweakwise, you are able to analyze the search behavior of your visitors, both in Tweakwise and with an implemented parameter in Google Analytics.

Personalize everything

Intershop provides customer-specific product ranges; Tweakwise adds Premium Personalization. By collecting data about your visitors’ behavior, you can offer them personalized experiences that will help increase conversion. Features like personal merchandising and recommendations are added, next to email integration options to even personalize those.

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