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Tweakwise performance increased up to 8 times!

We implemented a new feature under Tweakwise’s hood at the end of December 2022 that helps us optimize our overall API response performance. We call it in-memory search optimization. This makes our API responses even faster than before. More importantly, it provides your customers with an even more seamless and smooth experience in your webshop.

Speed is regarded by many e-commerce expert work groups as one of the most important success factors for now and the future. Today we announce a big step forward in this area!
To show you how much of an improvement the in-memory search optimization is, we will share some insights. The insights do not contain cached requests, so on an average real-world scenario our response times are even lower than those mentioned below!

Mind blowing results

With the in-memory search we went to 50 milliseconds to handle a request to our API service. Looking at our median performance we went to 25 milliseconds, that’s over 3 times as quick compared to our performance before. To remind you, a blink of an eye is well over 100 milliseconds!

Most importantly, ALL our customers and instances benefit from the optimization by default, of course some a lot more than others based on difference in catalog size or configuration. It doesn’t matter what Tweakwise level you are using, Standard Site Search or even Recommended Recommendations. This also benefits instances with a Javascript integration, which uses our API under the hood. At the top of the list of improved instances are instances with response times improved eight-fold!

We dare to say we are now on par with or faster than the fastest SaaS solutions of our industry!

The Google RAIL Performance Model

To quantify the improvements from a different perspective, let’s dive into the Google Rail model. RAIL is a user-centric performance model that provides a structure for performance enhancements. The model breaks down the user’s experience into key actions and helps you define performance goals for each of them.

Obviously, we focus on the user when focusing on performance effort and perceived performance. The model states that performance responses to user actions within 0-100 milliseconds feel like the result is immediate. Any longer, and the connection between action and reaction is severed.

We are proud to announce today that our services comply with this time window of max 100 milliseconds. All of this is to say our services are never the bottleneck in perceived user performance.

The performance KPI; are you ready for 2030?

As a CRO specialist, you also bear responsibility for the speed of your webshop! Do you actually know how your users experience the speed of your webshop? And do you ever think about how you have implemented your optimization tools and whether your Product Discovery optimizations directly or indirectly influence your shop’s performance? Experts from the Shopping Tomorrow CRO expert group indicate performance is a key metric now and in the future for your webshop performance!

Improving performance and speed of our site is extremely important. Response times of search & filtering are essential in this matter. It delivers a better customer experience and this is reflected in increased conversion rates.

Let’s grow together

All in all, the improvements are major and impact many performance metrics all over our platform. Optimizations this big don’t happen that often, so we are proud to share this news with our current customers and future customers.

Let us show you what Tweakwise can do, and how fast we can now do it. We’ll take you on a tour through our features so you can see our conversion-raising technology in action.

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