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Tweakwise is preferred supplier in Sana Commerce

Good news for entrepreneurs! Tweakwise has become the preferred supplier for personalized site search, merchandising, and recommendations in Sana Commerce. This partnership allows Sana Commerce’s approximately 1,500 customers to benefit from Tweakwise’s powerful functionalities easily.

Tweakwise’s integration into the Sana Commerce Cloud solution allows B2B companies to take their online shopping experience to the next level. Visitors can find desired products faster and more accurately using Tweakwise’s advanced search and merchandising capabilities. In addition, Sana users can use intelligent algorithms and personalization features to show their customers relevant recommendations and personalized search results.

Arno Ham, CTO of Sana Commerce, emphasizes the importance of this partnership: “This partnership with Tweakwise aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our customers with powerful e-commerce solutions that enable them to grow and stay competitive. With Tweakwise, our clients can benefit from advanced search and merchandising capabilities, enabling them to offer their customers an enhanced online shopping experience.”

The benefit for Sana customers

The benefits of this partnership are numerous. Sana Commerce customers can now benefit from an integrated and user-friendly solution for search functionality and merchandising, which increases conversion rates, improves customer satisfaction, and optimizes the overall e-commerce experience. In addition, the partnership with Tweakwise enables Sana Commerce customers to personalize their online store further and display relevant offers, driving customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Powerful collaboration

Stefan van Opstal, founder of Tweakwise, also sees the added value of this partnership: “We are excited to partner with Sana Commerce and offer their clients advanced search and merchandising solutions. Together, we will take the e-commerce experience for B2B companies to the next level and help them realize their online growth ambitions. Our organizations also have a good match in terms of culture, which is very important to us.”
The partnership between Sana Commerce and Tweakwise brings together e-commerce expertise and innovative technologies. Together they will work closely to further enhance e-commerce capabilities and support Sana Commerce’s customers in the ever-changing digital marketplace.

About the partnership

Our partnership with Sana opens up a whole new world for us, Sana, and Sana Commerce users. We visited Sana to explain the partnership, watch the video below to learn more.

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