's completely renewed webshop is now live! - Tweakwise's completely renewed webshop is now live!

Our partner De Nieuwe Zaak has worked on a successfull BigCommerce integration of with Jan-Willem Harmsen’s team lately.

This Open-Saas e-commerce platform is equipped with the Onlineverf corporate identity and a Tweakwise Standard Site Search integration. The most relevant search results in no-time, guaranteed!

De compleet vernieuwde webwinkel van is nu live!

Tweakwise Standard Site Search, seamlessly integrated within’s new BigCommerce platform

Standard Site Search

Our Standard Site Search solution gives you control over your search results. Show product and search term suggestions, correct typo’s, work with synonyms and more.

Quick Javascript implemenation

After a quick Javascript integration and smooth onboarding, courtesy of a Customer Success Team, the first Bigcommerce platform using Tweakwise is a fact! It all went swimmingly, and we are looking forward to future integrations on the BigCommerce platform.

Stay tuned for more news about our plans for the BigCommerce platform.

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