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How to increase conversion with product recommendations and intelligent merchandising

In the world of e-commerce, product recommendations and merchandising are pivotal strategies to increase conversion and average order value. These techniques can effectively guide your customers through their product discovery journey, enhancing their shopping experience on your webshop.

The power of product recommendations in e-commerce

Product recommendations in e-commerce are a powerful tool to personalize the shopping experience. By leveraging customer data and business rules, you can offer products that align with your customers’ preferences and shopping habits. This not only increases the likelihood of conversion but also boosts the average order value. Product recommendations can be used to highlight specific brands or trend-based products. By placing these products in noticeable spots on your webshop, you can effectively drive customer attention towards them. This strategy can be particularly useful during promotional campaigns or when launching new products.

Merchandising: the art of product display

Merchandising in e-commerce refers to the strategic display of products on your webshop. This involves intelligent filtering and sorting of your product range based on various factors such as popularity, price, relevance, and more. Just like in a physical store, the way products are displayed in a webshop can significantly influence customer purchase decisions. By incorporating business rules into your merchandising strategy, you can ensure that your product display aligns with your business objectives. For instance, you might want to promote products with higher profit margins or clear out old inventory. By adjusting your merchandising strategy accordingly, you can effectively achieve these goals.

Combining product recommendations and merchandising for optimal results

While both product recommendations and merchandising can independently contribute to e-commerce success, combining these strategies can yield even better results. Product recommendations can complement your merchandising strategy by offering personalized suggestions based on individual customer behavior. On the other hand, effective merchandising can ensure that your recommended products are displayed in the most appealing manner. By integrating these strategies, you can create a seamless shopping experience that not only increases conversion but also enhances customer satisfaction.

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