Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

Tweakwise & Commercetools

In this edition, discover why Tweakwise and commercetools go so well together. At the table are experts Niels Hardeman of Dept Agency and Jasper Goertz of Commercetools. We talk about the ins and outs of Commercetools’ agile and fast platform, and how it works with Tweakwise.

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

Questions and answers

Tweakwise Q&A

During the talk, you will have the opportunity to explore a specific topic by asking questions related to Tweakwise or the companies of the other speakers.
Our hosts with great expertise will be happy to answer them!

Tweakwise Q&A


jasper goertz



Ronald Meeuwissen Business Development Manager / Partner Platforms Tweakwise


Tuesday 29-11-2022

15:00 - 16:00 CET

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Tweakwise & Commercetools

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk

Tweakwise Tuesday Talk is een maandelijkse webinar van Tweakwise op de laatste dinsdag van de maand over, je raadt het al, alles Tweakwise. We delen kennis en best practices en geven experts in e-commerce een podium om hun expertise te bespreken. Bij de Tweakwise Tuesday Talks komen jouw vragen ook aan bod. Wees er live bij en stel je vraag aan de experts!
Tweakwise Tuesday Talk
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