Exact - Tweakwise

Exact integration

  • Real-time updates reduce cart abandonment
  • Personalized experiences increase conversions
  • Automated data flows enable quick, informed decisions

Real-time inventory and pricing updates

Exact’s strong ERP system gives you real-time info on inventory, pricing, and product details. When combined with Tweakwise, e-commerce platforms can make sure that product availability, pricing, and promotions are always spot on and reflect the latest business operations. This helps reduce cart abandonment due to out-of-stock items and improves customer satisfaction by providing reliable shopping experiences.

Personalized customer experiences

Using Exact’s CRM features, the integration helps us understand our customers better – their behaviors, preferences, and purchase history. With this data, Tweakwise can personalize the online shopping experience for each visitor. From suggesting products they might like to showing search results tailored to their interests, customers get a unique shopping journey. This significantly boosts conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Efficient merchandising and promotions

Tweakwise can use Exact’s detailed sales and performance data to help e-commerce businesses improve their merchandising strategies. They can move products around based on what’s popular, what’s in stock, or what’s most profitable. Plus, they can create targeted promotions based on customer segments in Exact, making marketing efforts more effective and profitable.

Streamlined operations and insights

The integration makes things easier by automating data flows between the back office and the e-commerce platform. This means less manual work and more insights into how well online and offline sales are doing. Businesses can then make quick decisions based on what’s happening in the market and what customers want.

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