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An overview

Tweakwise Worldwide

Tweakwise is used by shops and other platforms in every corner of the online world. Over 300 live shops use our technology to level up their site search, merchandising, recommendations and personalization features. The list below is divided into the different markets in which our customers operate. Don’t see yours? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The Netherlands | 215 shops

Germany | 79 shops

France | 63 shops

Belgium | 65 shops


Spain | 26 shops

Italy | 23 shops

England | 53 shops

USA | 3 shops

Australia | 2 shops

China | 1 shops

Canada | 1 shop

Austria | 16 shops

Switzerland | 9 shops

Slovenia | 2 shops

Denmark | 16 shops

Slovakia | 1 shop

Finland | 3 shops

Greece | 1 shop

Croatia | 1 shop

Hungary | 3 shops

Ireland | 10 shops

Latvia | 1 shop

Norway | 4 shops

Lithuania | 1 shop

New Zealand | 1 shop

Sweden | 10 shops

Portugal | 7 shops

Poland | 9 shops

Romania | 4 shops

Bulgaria | 2 shops

Some facts

We are very proud to play a part in the development of worldwide e-commerce, in many different languages and across all platforms. Check out these stats!

Active in
Implemented in
Active throught


Tweakwise can effectively be put to use in all different industries of e-commerce, as well as other complex databases in need of thorough searching, sorting, and filtering. Click any of these buttons to see the shops that use Tweakwise in each industry.

Some of our happy customers

Our customers are quite satisfied with the benefits they get from Tweakwise. We promise a conversion rate rise of at least 15%, as well as improved NPS and a smooth experience as you upgrade your shop’s most important aspects.

Sophie van Tuijl

”A lot of choice in modules and very user-friendly.”

Serge Barnhoorn AGU Tweakwise
Serge Barnhoorn

”I like the innovative approach and the algorithms used.”

PAUL DECKERS​ Spar Tweakwise
Paul Deckers

”I like the filtering options and the flexibility to set up the search algorithm yourself. You get great help with setting up parameters. Good training and support and development of new modules.”

Sofie De Donder AVA Tweakwise
Sofie De Donder

”Many sorting options. The navigator is very easy and handy to use. They also keep developing new things – Tweakwise doesn’t stand still.”

Wim Koops DYKA Tweakwise
Wim Koops

”A good tool to show the right search results.”

Oscar Diele

”Here, they understand e-commerce. Amazing product and an enthusiastic team.”

OTHIE MACKENZIE​ Just Brands Tweakwise
Othie Mackenzie

”User-friendliness is at the top!”

Curious about Tweakwise?
Curious how Tweakwise can increase your webshop conversion by 15%? Contact us for a free demo.
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Easily integrate with a powerful script or seamlessly connect with every platform

Tweakwise works on all e-commerce platforms, including your own custom platform built with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, Ruby (on Rails), Go, Kotlin, Swift or any other language. Check out the full list and be sure to contact us if you don’t see your platform listed.

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